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    4. Welcome to Jiangxi Rirui Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.


      RiRui Medical Equipment Co Ltd


      Home > About us

      Company Profile

      Jiangxi Rirui Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive companyfounded in 2012 which specializing in the area of R&D,manufacture,sales,investment and service. We have a professional team with excellent and strong technology

         Our main product is NCPAP which habeen granted independent intellectual property rights and reaches to international high level。 Our NCPAP isdesigned on the base of noninvasive and continuousNCPAP ventilating. It is anequipment specialized in supporting infants’ breathing.It is widely applied in the departments of NICU and pediatrics, using for premature, newborn, and infant.  Itis also used for the implementing of children’s nasal mask ventilation.NCPAP adopts the self-designed pressure adjustment device which belongs to mechanical adjustment way. The pressure regulating system’s structure is optimized designed on considering the interaction between load and flow. So the air passage’s stabilization and precision can be ensured. By those, the patient can avoid wind-contusion when using the NCPAP。

        Jiangxi Rirui Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will keep innovation to provide high & excellentquality products and good service to our clients。

      Company glory

      Copyright ? 2019-2020 RiRui Medical Equipment Co Ltd All Rights Reserved 備案號:贛ICP備19005309號. NS Network

      Postal code:330096 Add.: No.99 Keji Road Private Science & Technology Park?,Qingshanhu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China Tel.: 13007220755 ,13330110499

      Contact Us

      Manager Hao:13330110499

      Manager He :13367098767

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